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US History
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Native Americans

America First Expands Westward Wars
American HistoryWar of 1812
Following the American Revolution the United States was caught up in the ongoing military, economic and political interactions between France and England. Their disputes eventually led to the American declaration of war against England in 1812. Two years of fighting led to a stalemate and ended with the signing of the Treaty of Trent.
Texas War of IndependenceTexas Independence
In 1836 Mexico wanted to develop the northern region called Texas. In their drive for development they encouraged American settlers. Men and women seeking land flooded the region. Soon their culture, political aspirations and economic systems clashed with Mexico. A revolution erupted between the settlers and the Mexican government which finally ended with the defeat of Santa Ana at  Battle of San Jacinto and the Treaties of Velasco. Texas became independent and was later annexed by the United States.
Mexican American WarMexican-American War
One area the United States eyed for acquisition was Southwestern region which was under control of Mexico. President James K. Polk provoked a reaction from the Mexican forces and with the military leadership of Zachery Taylor they rapidly defeated the Mexican Army and secured the land they call the Southwest under the terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.
Native American WarsIndian Wars
The United States in its desire to developed the western region faced the issue that the land was already populated and dominated by Native Americans. Through a series of wars the government eventually defeated the nations and forced them on to Indian Reservations. They were disarmed and subjected to  accept American culture. In 1924 the Apache Wars and the Renegade Period completed and the Indian Wars came to an end 302 years after the Jamestown Massacre of 1662.
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