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Mycenaean's and Phoenicians
The Phoenicians: History, Religion & Civilization
What on Earth Happened to the Phoenicians?
History Channel Documentary
Who Really Were The Phoenicians? : Documentary on Evidence of the Lost Civilization


PhoeniciansThe Phoenicians were a sea faring civilization that lived along the Mediterranean Sea. They sold the royal color purple dye called Murex. the  alphabet and established, Carthage become so powerful its military leader, Hannibal. challenged Rome in the Punic Wars for dominance of the Mediterranean.
World History Ancient Asia   Carthage  Civilizations  Time Line  Maps  
World History Asia   Carthage  Civilizations  Time Line  Map  
Online Books
Colonial Encounters in Ancient Iberia Phoenician, Greek and Indigenous ...
Writings of Ancient Phoenicia by Jill Fine
Cambridge Ancient History by I E S Edwards
Encyclopedia of World Trade.......
The Phoenicians; edited by Sabatino Moscati
Phoenicia: History of a Civilization
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Phoenician Experience in Phoenicia and Lebanon
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