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10 Recent Mysterious Archaeological Discoveries
Want to be an Archaeologist? Short film with help and advice.
Solving Mysteries with Archaeologists!
25 Most Important Archaeological Discoveries In History


Archaeology Articles and Books

ArchaeologyArchaeology: The scientific study of the history of humans through artifacts, ruins, inscriptions, monuments, and structures. Archaeologist study how individuals lived, worked, studied, hunted, made war, tilled their fields, built their homes, created clothing and weapons.  
Social Studies World History Evolution Archaeology
Social Studies World History Evolution Archaeology
Science Anthropolgoy Religion Glossary
Science Anthropology Religion Glossary 
Online Books
Digital Archaeology Bridging Method and Theory
Interpretive Archaeology: A Reader edited by Julian Thomas
Culture Time and Identity and Interpretive Archaeology by Julian Thomas
Online Articles
Google Scholarly Articles The Archaeology of Knowledge
National Geographic Society Doug's Archaeology List of Journals
Smithsonian Magazine Archaeology as Anthropology
Popular Archaeology La Trobe Library Databases, Journals..
GlobalXplorer° "is an online platform that uses the power of the crowd to analyze the incredible wealth of satellite images currently available to archaeologists. Launched by 2016 TED Prize winner and National Geographic Fellow, Dr. Sarah Parcak, as her “wish for the world"
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