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Art History
Art History: The creation of visual and auditory art from earliest human history to modern presentations.
Art Art History World History Art Resources
Art Timeline World History Art Resources
Online Books
Smart History Art History: A Critical Anthology
Art History: Its Use & Abuse Art History: A Critical Introduction
What is Art History? Critical Terms for Art History
Language of Art History Art History: A Very Short Introduction
Principles of Art History Writing Art History as Cultural History.....
Careers Online Resources
Career Wikipedia Information  History
Alternatives Scholarly Articles
Portland State University Art History Moments Information on Art History Dictionary of Art Historians Dictionary
Association of Art Artcyclopedia Information
Historians Art History at Work Ideas and Tips in teaching
Great Artists M School of Art and Design Mother of All Art History Pages Art History Resources
Fact Monster Best History Sites List of Sites
Library Spot World Art Treasures Pictures and information
Famous Artists Smithsonian Search Engine for Artist and their work
Organizations Getty Museum Information, Pictures and Resources
McQuade Library Art History Reference material in art, art history.....
Yale University Library Art Resources
Association of Art Historians Art Net
Museums and Libraries An Art Education Guide for Kids and Adults  
Wikipedia-Museums Art Source   
University of Kansas Artist Help Network
Barnard National Endowment for the Arts   
The Ringling Online Art Center Art History Timeline