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How to Strengthen Your Voice & Sing Better
Singing instructional
How to Master Singing Techniques 
Importance of Music Education
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Music as a Language: Victor Wooten at TEDxGabriolaIsland
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MusicMusic: a form of art in which the artist uses instrumental or oral  sounds (sometimes in combination) to express emotions, feelings, a story or harmony. This is the preferred medium of singers, dancers, bands and orchestras.
Art Bands Dance Chorus Glossary Art Resources
Art Bands Dance  Chorus Glossary Resources
Online Books
Music Business Handbook and Career Guide By David Baskerville
Guidelines for Performances of School Music Groups: Expectations and... By Menc Committee on Standards
Harvard Dictionary of Music By Willi Apel

Music Education: Source Readings from Ancient Greece to Today

By Michael L. Mark

VoiceWorks: A "How-To" Owner's Manual for Vocal Students and Teachers

By Henry A. Alviani
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory

By Michael Miller
Sheet Music
8 Notes Musicmoz Orchestra Music Free The Free Sheet Music
Online Resources
Wikipedia Musical Terms Satisfied Mind Band Director Scholarly Articles
CanTeach ThoughtCo Musicmoz Bureau of Labor Media Web Resources
SF Kids The Balance Music Database Careers in Music Billboard Online
8Notes Soundbug Musicians Page Traditional Songs Wikipedia Theory
Bloomingdales School of Music Musicians United for Songs in the Classroom, Inc
Elementary Music Theory Fabrizio Ferrari's Musicians Page
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