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Star Formation
AstronomyAstronomy: The scientific study of the Galaxies, Stars, Nebulae, Solar Systems and the Universe. It deals with a celestial object's relationship to the Earth, size, position, composition, motion, evolution and energy. Astronomers use telescopes, satellites, computers, space stations and observatories to study the Universe.
Star Formation: The process by which a star is created in a dense region inside a molecular cloud (stellar nurseries/star-forming regions). It includes interstellar mediums and giant molecular clouds in the process of star formation which includes proto-stars and your stellar objects.
Science Cosmology Star Evolution Stars
Astronomy Cosmology Evolution Stars
Fun Facts Star Formation The Universe Glossary
Fun Facts Star Maps The Universe Glossary
Online Books
Physics of Star Formation in Galaxies: Saas-Free Advanced Course 29. F. Palla, H. Zinnecker
Accretion Processes in Star Formation by Lee Hartmann
Principles of Star Formation by Peter Bodenheimer
An Introduction to Star Formation by Derek Ward-Thompson and Anthony P. Whitworth
The Formation of Stars by Steven W. Stahler, Fracesca Palla
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NASA A Star is Born Star Formation Process
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IPAC Royal Dutch Museum Whispers from the Cosmos University of Arizona Hubble Space Telescope ASPIRE Protstars COSMO Molecular Clouds
Wikipedia Views of the Solar System Science for the Curious Discover
Think Space Wikipedia Protostars Cosmic Reference Molecular Clouds
Reinervogel Berkley Young Stallar Obj. NASA Giant Molecular Clouds
Abyss Jonathan Preston Seale Proto Stars & Stellar Nurseries
Science Daily NASA Stellar Nursery Wikipedia Young Stellar Objects
Hubble Wise Geek Stellar Nursery Nova Celestia-Stellar Nursery
Universe Today Nursery The Interstellar Medium
Cool Cosmos The Outer Planets.... The Star Formation Newsletter
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