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Laws and Regulations
Cell Phone Usage
Text and Etiquette
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Proper Cell Phone/Text Usage
How to use properly both cell phones and texts.
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General Advice  
1. Turn off your cell phone when meeting customers and other employees. They deserve your undivided attention.
2. Don't use those funky annoying ring tones. You might like them but others will consider it unprofessional.
3. Don't talk loudly so others can hear you from a distance (not everyone appreciates your discussions)!
4. Keep your business calls to the point and short. You have other work to do.
5. When you are having an important meeting and a call or text comes through. Finish your conversation and then call them back at an appropriate time and place. Think about it before the technological innovations people handled business deals without interrupting meetings.
6. Refrain from public emotional discussions. Tell them you will call them back in a quiet and appropriate location.
7. Remember you are in the public and any decisions or directions you make might be heard. You never know who is listening, might be your competition!
8. Corporate spying is alive and well, texts and cell phones can be intercepted using modern technology.
9. Avoid texting and cell phone conversations during your personal times. Your date, family or special friends will appreciate your consideration. No business deal is worth the love and friendship of those close to you.
10. Don't text or talk holding the cell phone while driving. This is very dangerous to you and other drivers.