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TED Al Gore-New View of Climate Change 2016
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National Geographic Causes and Effects of Climate Change
The Global Philospher: Should the Rich World Pay for Climate Change BBC News
Al Gore and Inconvenient Truth
Global Warming 101 National Geographic
Change at the Top of the World - Full Climate Change Documentary | Snagfilms
The Antarctica Challenge: A Global Warning (FULL MOVIE)
Causes and Effects of Climate Change | National Geographic
Before the Flood - Trailer | National Geographic
Climate Refugees - Hotline Documentary (23-8-16)
Adapting to a changing climate
Climate change impacts worse than expected, IPCC 1.5 report warns
What you should know about the new climate change report | Popular Science
Climate Change Is Bad News for the Economy, U.S. Government Says ...
New U.N. Report Warns of Looming Climate Change Crisis | Time
The world has just over a decade to get climate change under control ...
Climate change affecting U.S. economy, culture, says 4th National ..
'Unprecedented Changes.' New UN Report Says Saving the ... - Fortune

Climate Change/Global Warming
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ClimateClimate  is the prevailing weather conditions (winds, temperature, air pressure, humidity, rain, sunshine, and cloudiness) of a region or the earth over a long period of time i.e. decades, centuries and longer periods of time. Weather on the other hand is the condition of a region or Earth over a short period of time such as days or weeks.
Climate Change is the process by which the Earth's Climate is making changes do to human and natural causes. Today we face the likelihood of dramatic modifications.
Global Warming
Climate Change
Online Books Essay
You Can Prevent Global Warming (and Save Money!) 51 East Ways by Jeffrey Langholz
What Can We Do about Global Warming? by Lorijo Metz
Global Warming for Dummies By Elizabeth May, Zoe Caron
How Extreme Weather is Shrinking the Planet by Bill Mckibben
Online Articles
National Geographic: An unexpected side effect of drought: higher carbon emissions
National Geographic: High stakes for the planet as carbon emissions rise again
New Statesman: Leader: The burning world
CBC News: By 2080, the climate in these Canadian cities will look nothing like it does today
WIRED: This Scary Map Shows How Climate Change Will Transform Your City
Mashable: Earth is greener than it was 20 years ago, but not why you think
Contemporary climatic analogs for 540 North American urban areas in the late 21st century | Nature Communications
Big cities that could become unlivable by 2100 due to climate change - Business Insider
Elite Daily: The Earth Might Literally Change Color Because Of Climate Change, So That's Scary
Axios: Earth’s 5 warmest years have all occurred since 2014
Global environmental consequences of twenty-first-century ice-sheet melt | Nature
NOAA Earth just experienced one of the warmest years on record
National Geographic: Most dire projection of sea-level rise is a little less likely, reports say
Discover: As Earth warms from human activities, brutal cold waves are becoming less severe, not more so - ImaGeo
New York Magazine: A climate alarmist’s cautious case for climate optimism
Ocean colour signature of climate change | Nature Communications
Bloomberg: Which Way Is North? Scientists Have a New Answer for You
EcoWatch: Protecting the World’s Wetlands: 5 Essential Reads
Futurism: New Tech That Sucks Carbon From Chimneys Has "Tremendous Potential"
National Geographic: These Arctic glaciers are smaller than ever before in human history
National Geographic: If climate change is warming the world, why are winters getting colder?
Popular Science: Scientists Call for Artificial Trees to Fight Climate Change
Axios: How much Earth has warmed since a NASA scientist's warning 30 years ago
Quora: What Are the Biggest Myths About Climate Change People Still Believe?
Popular Mechanics: Climate Change Could Turn Earth's Aquifers Into a Time Bomb
SCIENMAG: Near-term climate prediction 'coming of age', study shows
Tree Hugger This is what Earth will look like if we melt all the ice (Map)
National Geographic: Greenland’s Ice is Melting Four Times Faster Than Thought, Study Says
How to stop the climate crisis: six lessons from the campaign that saved the ozone | Environment | The Guardian
Ancient climate change triggered warming that lasted thousands of years
Water-based fuel cell converts carbon emissions to electricity
Reuters: To Meet Climate Goals, World Urged to Reuse Natural Resources
National Geographic: To Curb Climate Change, We Have to Suck Carbon from the Sky. But how?
FORTUNE: Pentagon Warns Bases Imperiled by Climate Change in Dire Report
The World's Oldest, Deepest Lake is Full of life. Humans are Changing That
Climate warming experiment finds unexpected results
SCIENMAG: Reliable tropical weather pattern to change in a warming climate
The Climate Is Changing For Climate Skeptics
How Our the Changes in Our Climate Today Are Different Than Climate Changes of the Past
National Geographic: Climate change is roasting the Himalaya region, threatening millions
BBC News US: Climate change: Huge costs of warming impacts in 2018
Project To Cool Earth By Dimming The Sun Poised For Groundbreaking Test Run | IFLScience
National Geographic: What Greenland's “unprecedented” ice loss means for Earth
WHO Report COP24 Special Report on Health and Climate Change
United Nations 2018 Emissions Gap Report
BBC What is Climate Change?
Science News for Students  
National Geographic Society Classroom Activities and Mapping
Global Issues; Climate Change and Biodiversity
Conserve Energy Future: 35 Surprising Facts About Global Warming
Techtimes 21 Amazing Facts About Global Warming And Climate Changes
IPCC Fifth Assessment Report Estimates the Amount of C02 in the Atmosphere and its Affects on the Earth
NRDC Global Warming 101: Everthing You Want to Know About Climate Change But are Affraid To Ask.
Global Climate Change Modules from PBS and NASA Vital Signs for the Environment
Google Scholarly Articles Climate Change and Scientific Papers. List of Actual Scientific Papers that Deal with Climate Change.
Live Science Global Warming: News Facts Causes and Effects Latest news on the environment
Asia Society Climate Change and the Environment Resource based Environmental Articles
The Conversation Articles About Climate Change Over two Thousand Articles From Around the Globe
National Education Association Climate Change Education Essential Information For Educators
American Meteorological Association The Effect of Climate Change on Natural Disasters: A College Student Perspective
Scholastic Climate Change The Realities of Climate Change Articles for Teachers and Students
Emory University Responding To Climate Change Rollins Researchers Study The Effects of Global Warming On Multiple Fronts
Common Sense How address Climate Change Debate in Your Classroom Using Articles and Resources
Union of Concern Scientist Confronting the Realities of Climate Change The Consequences of Global Warming are Already Here
Science NetLinks a project of the Directorate for Education and Human Resources Programs of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
Practical Action Equipping Vulnerable People to Adapt To a Changing Climates Articles and Resources
WIRED: Think Rivers Are Dangerous Now? Just Wait
National Geographic: Exclusive: Some Arctic ground no longer freezing—even in winter
Increase in crop losses to insect pests in a warming climate | Science Psychologists explain our climate change anxiety
VICE: Saving the world from catastrophic climate change will not be cheap Quantification of ocean heat uptake from changes in atmospheric O 2 and CO 2 composition | Nature
National Geographic: Climate change is unraveling this Antarctic ecosystem
Smithsonian: Parts of the Ocean Floor Are Disintegrating—And It's Our Fault OWSC: PNW Temperature, Precipitation, and SWE Trend Analysis Tool
Gender Differences in Public Understanding of Climate Change - Yale Program on Climate Change Communication
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: Little Ice Age? No. Big Warming Age? Yes.
Science & Technology Research News: Arctic Permafrost Might Contain ‘Sleeping Giant’ of World’s Carbon Emissions
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