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Tips for Surviving Cosmetology School
9 Things to Know Before Entering Cosmetology School
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Changing Beauty - A Documentary
Beauty Throughout The Ages
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CosmetologySomeone who has skills in maintaining the care of hair as well as skin and associated beauty products. At times they deal with chemically treating hair, creating wigs, cleaning and coloring nails, advising and promoting relaxation techniques, reflexology, cosmetics, aroma therapies, coloring, extensions, perms and hair straightening. "The word 'cosmetology' is derived from a Greek word meaning 'beautifying.'' Read More at: Softschools
Cosmetology Business Ethics Resources Glossary
Cosmetology Business Ed. Ethics  Resources Glossary
Online Articles
Google Scholarly Articles
Vocational Education in Cosmetology
Cosmetology: A Career on the Cutting Edge.
A Psychosomatic Approach to Dermatologic Cosmetology
Project-Based Learning for Cosmetology Students
Online Books
Careers in Cosmetology by Elizabeth Stewart Lytie
Milady Standard Cosmetology by Milady
Preparing for Practical Exam: Cosmetology by Deborah Beaty
How to get Rich in the Barber/Cosmetology Game Handbook By Herman Muhammad