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Student Resources
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How to Study Spelling
Guide to Spelling Place Names
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EnglishSpelling: The combination of letters to express a word. It usually follows rules of pronunciation and structure.
Little Known Facts
Word Wise Fact Monster
Unusual Words Buzzle
. How To Spell Fun Facts About Spelling
20 Spelling Bee Facts Crazier Than 'Cymotrichous'
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Easy Steps in Spelling Free Spell
The American Spelling Book Spellex-Free Spell Checker
Spelling 101-Rules and Exercises Spelling and Grammar Checker
Spelling Through Phonics Spell Checker Plus Spelling and Grammar Checker
Online Resources   Tutorials Unusual English Words
Wikipedia Scholarly Articles OZ Speller Unusual Words
Study Guide Between The Lions RMIT 100 Most Commonly Misspelled...
How To Spell American Spelling: Free Training 20 Weird English Words
SpellGoodnet Misspelled Words Unusual English Spelling Words
InfoPlease Kidsspell Absolutely Ridiculous Spelling
Time4Learners Spelling City How To Spell Dictionary of Unusual Words
Games Quizzes Spelling Time Tips and Techniques
FunBrain Daily Spelling Bee USspeller Musical Spelling Rules
Kidspell Hard To Spell Words Wyzant BBC Skillwise
Gamequarium Fun Trivia HomeSchool Word Mapping
Catch The Spelling Fact Monster MasterSpell Spelling Tricky Words
Eduplace Advance Spelling Kids Spell  
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