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4 reasons to learn a new language | John McWhorter
Why Learn a Foreign Language? | Foreign Language Training Online
The benefits of a bilingual brain - Mia Nacamulli
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How to Learn a Foreign Language - Study Tips - Second Language - Lingoda
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Foreign Languages
Articles, Videos, Online Books
SubjectsForeign Languages are languages that are indigenous to another nation. An understanding of other people's languages and traditions can and will provide avenues for world peace.
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Foreign Languages Department
Foreign Languages
Online Books
Issues in Modern Foreign Languages Teaching
Teaching Modern Foreign Languages: A Handbook for Teachers
The Common Sense of Teaching Foreign Languages
Aspects of Teaching Secondary Modern Foreign Languages: Perspective....
Teaching Modern Foreign Languages in Secondary Schools: A Reader
Online Articles
Little Prim Scholarly Articles The Conversation Chicago Tribune
African Languages
Online Books
African Languages: An Introduction
African Language Structures
An Introduction to African Languages
Historical Linguistics and the Comparative Study of African Languages
The Linguistic Typology and Representation of African Languages
Online Articles
Economist Scholarly Articles The Language Factory
Australia New Zealand
Online Books
Handbook of Australian Languages
Australian Languages: Classification and the Comparative Method
The Languages of Australia
The Habitat of Australia's Aboriginal Languages: Past, Present and ...
The Languages and Linguistics of Australia: A Comprehensive Guide
Online Articles Scholarly Articles World Atlas English Australian Journal
Asian Languages
Online Books
Studies on the Teaching of Asian Languages in the 21st Century
Language and National Identity in Asia
The Languages of East and Southeast Asia: An Introduction
The Ancient Languages of Asia and the Americas
List of Grammars, Dictionaries, Etc: Of the Languages of Asia,
Online Articles
This Week Scholarly Articles Dickenson Laurence Mckinley Gould Library
European Languages
Online Books
The Ancient Languages of Europe
Modals in the Languages of Europe: A Reference Work
The Indo-European Languages
Language and Nationalism in Europe
Indo-European Linguistics: An Introduction
Online Articles
Eurostat Scholarly Articles Omniglot Digital Commons Network
Middle East Languages
Middle Eastern
Online Books
Language and Change in the Arab Middle East: The Evolution of Modern
The Major Languages of South Asia, the Middle East and Africa
Language and Society in the Middle East and North Africa
Language and Identity in the Middle East and North Africa
Arabic Languages
Online Articles
Scholastic Scholarly Articles Dummies Cornell University Libary
Native American Language
Native American
Online Books
American Indian Languages: The Historical Linguistics of Native America
The Languages of Native North America
A Key Into the Language of America
The Native Languages of South America: Origins, Development, Typology
Archaeology of Ancient Mexico and Central America: An Encyclopedia
Online Articles
First Nations Scholarly Articles Biological Research
Endangered Languages
Online Books
Endangered Languages: Language Loss and Community Response
Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger
Encyclopedia of the World's Endangered Languages
Dying Words: Endangered Languages and What They Have to Tell Us
The Cambridge Handbook of Endangered Languages
Online Articles
BBC Scholarly Articles Communicaid Linguistic Society of America