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Australian Continent (Oceania)
GeographyAustralia is a landmass north of Antarctica and south of Asia. It is a continent, country and Island. It has over 200 known languages, it is the larges island, it is the 6th largest country, it has the largest know number of plant species and it has the world's longest fence.
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The Last Continent The Aboriginal Peoples of Australia
The Geology of Australia Explore Australia and Oceania
Australia in a Nutshell: A Narrative History
A Journey Through Australian Natural History
Aboriginal Australians: A History Since 1788
Geography of Australia and New Zealand World Regional Geography (with Sub regions)
Working and Living in New Zealand New Zealand Journal of Geology & Geophysics
History of Maori of Nelson & Marlborough The Environmental Transformation of New Zealand
The Ancient History of the Maori: His Mythology.....
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