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Zealandia the ancient continent of New Zealand - Auckland Museum 
Zealandia: Scientists confirm existence of lost underwater continent!
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The Fossils of New Zealand: Remnants of a Lost Continent 
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Zealandia Continent

GeographyZealandia: Recently Geologist have proclaimed a new continent called Zelandia, 94% of its 3.044719 million land miles is under water. It will be considered the smallest continent.
Continents History of Region Satellite Map*
Online Books
The Zealandia Drowning Debate: Did New Zealand Sink Beneath the Waves?
Sunken Realms: A Complete Catalog of Underwater Ruins
New Zealand, or, Zealandia, the Britain of the South with Two Maps.
1. " A microcontinent is a landmass that has broken off from a main continent. Zealandia broke off from Antarctica about 100 million years ago, and then from Australia about 80 million years ago." Read more National Geographic
2.' It is also known as the New Zealand continent or Tasmantis' Read More Ice Cream on Mars
3. " Zealandia is about half the size of Australia, but only 7 percent is about Sea level. Most of the Terrestrail land makes up the two large islans of the country of New Zealand, the North Island and the South Island." Read more National Geographic
4. 'Zealandia is a very tectonically active region. Part of the microcontinent is on the Australian plate, while the other part is on the Pacific plate.' Read More National Geographic
5. Zealandia was born from the breakup of the supercontinent of Gondwana, about 85 million years ago" Read More Live Science
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