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Solutions to Overfishing
Restoring Our Oceans: How Fishers Can Turn the Tide of Overfishing
Ending Overfishing
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Over Fishing
  GeographyThe ongoing process by which fishermen are destroying the oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and stream's natural habitats. This is being caused by increasing demands for food by an ever increasing population. If not checked it will result in a shortage of fresh of food sources from our waterways.
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Geography Earth Science Bio-Science   Our Living World Water Ways Environment
Online Books
Shifting Baselines: The Past and the Future of Ocean Fisheries 
Overfishing What Everyone Needs to Know By  Ray Hilborn, Ulrike Hilbron
Environmental Effects on Seafood Availability, Safety and Quality 
Marine Conservation Biology: The Science of Maintaining the Sea' Biodiversity 
In a Perfect Ocean: The State of Fisheries and Ecosystems in the North Atlantic 
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WWF  Canada Gov't Scholarly Articles Wild Seafood Watch  
Dartmouth Eshool Today  GreenTumble Marine Science Today 
EDF Revolution Conserve Conserve Energy Future
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