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GeographyStorms: a weather condition which involves, high winds, rains, snow and possible flooding. Storms are projected to become more severe and more common as the Earth's climate changes in the remainder of this century.
Geography Weather Climate Forcasting Disaster Earth Science
Geography Weather Climate Forecasting Disasters Earth Science
Online Books  
Electrical Nature of Storms Deadly Storms by Ann Weils
Storms By Terri Sievert Storms By Seymour Simon
Changing Weather: Storms Hurricanes and Storms
Online Resources  
Wikipedia Weather Channel NOAA Tornadoes National Hurricane Center
Storm Tracker Hurricane Zone NOAA Hurricanes Tropical Storms, Worldwide
Storm Science Tropical Weather NASA Hurricanes Center Climate & Energy Solutions
Tornado USCG Storm... Eschool Tornadoes Frequently Ask Questions
WiseGeek NOAA Monsoons Tsunami Info Center NOAA Comparing Types of Storms
Derechos Hurricane News Types of Storms National Geographic Comparison
National Geographic Tsunami Wikipedia Explanation of Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale
Factors that Causes Storm Damages  
Storm Surge and Tidal Flooding: When a hurricane strikes a land mass it brings with it a rising wall of water that will inundate the coast and cause massive damage and possible death. A high tide can enhance it's effect.  
High Winds: Many storms such as hurricanes and tornadoes have as its basic nature high winds, that can reach hundreds of miles per hour destroying buildings, knocking out power, felling trees and cause death and injuries to humans and other animals.  
Tornadoes: Hurricanes can have tornadoes in them and can also increase the chances for damage.  
Heavy Rain and Flooding: Monsoons, Hurricanes, Derechos and other similar storms can bring devastating amounts of water, sometimes in feet.  
Causes of Storm Damages Websites  
UCAR Learn Weather University of Illinois Windows to the Universe
Difference between Evaporation and Transpiration  
Wikipedia Difference Between Space Learning Physical  
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