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CNN Explains Deforestation
Deforestation Effects on Climate
Deforestation : Here's what you need to know
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GeographyDeforestation: The destruction and removal of natural forests for economic and commercial reasons. Often the land is used for farms, ranches, urban and industrial purposes.
Little Know Facts:
"It is estimated that within 100 years there will be no Rainforests" Read More at Conserve Energy
"300 Billion Tons of the Earth's Carbon Dioxide are Stored in the Earth's Forests" Read More at OneTreePlanted
"Up to 28,000 species can go extinct in the next quarter century du to deforestation". Read More at The World Counts
Geography Global Warming Earth Science Science  Bio-Science  Disaster
Geography Climate Change Earth Science Science Bio-Science  Disasters
Online Books
Development or Destruction Deforestation
Deforestation, Environment, and Sustainable Development: A Comparative Analysis
Tropical Deforestation: The Tyranny of Time
Bridges: Deforestation and Desertification
Deforestation Crisis
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