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Natural Disasters Resource

GeographyNatural Disaster: a geographic event that is caused by activities such as climates, weather, earthquakes and cosmic incidents. As climate change increases the Earth will experience increase numbers of disasters both man made and naturally.
Geography Social Studies Natural Disasters Disaster
Geography Social Studies Natural Disasters Disasters
Preparation Science Earth Science Glossary
Preparation Science Earth Science Glossary
Online Books
Natural Disasters By David Alexander
Natural Disasters Facts on File
Natural Disasters; By Janeen Brian
Natural Disasters: Quick & Easy Internet Activities for the One-Computer ...
Online Resources
EMDT USDA Across The Nations Disaster Warning Network
AlertNet Project Arcix Forces of Nature Natural Hazard Center
PBS Wikipedia Stop Disasters Game Disaster News Network
CrisisWiki Societal Aspects Pacific Disaster Center
Home Emergency Disaster Safety Global Disaster Alert & Coordination System
EM-DAT International Disaster Database Global Facility for Disaster Reduction & Recovery
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Effects Causes Cosmic Drought Tornadoes Natural Disasters
Fires Control Floods Prevention Seismic Activity Climate Change
FEMA NOAA USGS USGA United Nations Disaster Relief Agencies