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Climate Change and Government Actions
Climate  is the prevailing weather conditions (winds, temperature, air pressure, humidity, rain, sunshine, and cloudiness) of a region or the earth over a long period of time i.e. decades, centuries and longer periods of time. Weather on the other hand is the condition of a region or Earth over a short period of time such as days or weeks. Governments can have a great effect on our environment; though policy, laws, funding and leadership. In many ways it is the key to the survival of our planet.
Geography Global Warmin Climate Change Science Social Studies Department Weather
Geography Climate Change Science Social Studies Weather
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Local Governments and Climate Change: Sustainable Energy Planning and ...
Reframing the Problem of Climate Change
Community Action and Climate Change
United States Government Climate Change Policy
International Challenge of Climate Change by Great Britain Parliament House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee
Climate Change Liability
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