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Climate Change/Global Warming Resources

Climate Change (Global Warming): is a  process by which the Earths' atmosphere is changing over a period of time. Some of the causes are; to the build up of green house gases, the Earths orbit, variations in solar activity, plate tectonics, volcanoes, deforestation and lastly human activity.
Climate  is
the prevailing weather conditions (winds, temperature, air pressure, humidity, rain, sunshine, and cloudiness) of a region or the earth over a long period of time i.e. decades, centuries and longer periods of time. Weather on the other hand is the condition of a region or Earth over a short period of time such as days or weeks.
Geography Global Warmin Climate Change Articles and Books Weather Climate Effects
Geography Climate Change Articles Weather Climate     Effects
Online Resources
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Climate Lab Book GIF shows increase in global temperatures 1850-2016
Department of Defense 2014 Climate Change Adaptations Roadmap on Climate Change and the Military
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Interactive Open Access Journal from European Geoscience Union
Discovery of Global Warming Hypertext History on Global Warming and its effects
PlanetSave Twenty Four Hours  of Climate Reality Live Stream Site
ECOWatch Al Gore's Site of Twenty Four Hours of Monetoring the Environment
Axios: 2018's global heat wave is so intense it's surprising scientists
NPR United Nations Player FM GoodNet Green School Climate One
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