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Legislative Branch Committees

Legislative BranchSub-organizations of a legislative body in which the individual legislators meet to determine what bills will be introduced to the legislator. They do the day to day work of analyzing bills and deciding what is relevant, important and beneficial to our national and international interest.
Government Legislature Laws Special Interest Glossary
Government Legislature Laws Lobbyist Glossary
Online Books 

Congressional Committees: A Study of the Origin and Development of Our ...

By Lauros Grant McConachie 

Competing Principals: Committees, Parties, and the Organization of Congress

By Forrest Maltzman

Turf Wars: How Congressional Committees Claim Jurisdiction

By David C. King 
Senate Committees-Senate Website  House Committees-House Website 
An Explanation of Committees  Explanation of System 
Assignments listed by the Senate Website  List of Committees 
List of Official Committees by Senate Website  List of Committees and Sub Committees 
Schedule of Hearings  Committee Assignments 
National Archives-Records of Committees  Committee Information 
 Online Resources 
Senate  House  General Information 
Wikipedia Wikipedia CSpan-Daily Congressional Hearings
Scholarly Articles  PNAS Analysis  US
National Archives  Office of the Clerk Government Track US 
MacPhaidin Library Library of Congress  Wikipedia-List of All Committees 
Recent Bills Widget  National Archives-Records  Library of Congress 
VoteTrocracy   Contacting the Congress