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Death Penalty (Capital Punishment)
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Capital PunishmentDeath Penalty (Capital Punishment): The execution of a prisoner by the government after being found guilty of a crime or crimes. Different cultures, societies, empires, kingdoms, nations and states have used different methods to punish individuals who violated traditions, customs, laws and pronouncements. It ranged from chemicals, bullets, noses, swords, poisons, electric chairs, wild animals, strangulations and more ingenious means. All have primary reasons; fear, punishment, revenge and enforcement.
Sociology Judical Branch Crime Reports Glossary
Government Sociology Court System Crime Reports Glossary
Capital Punishment
Death Penalty
Online Books 
The Death Penalty: A Bibliographic Research 
The Death Penalty: A Worldwide Perspective 
Capital Punishment: Oxford Bibliographies Online Research Guide 
Death Penalty on Trial: A Handbook with Cases, Laws, and Documents 
Pros and Cons: A Newspaper Reader's and Debater's Guide to the Leading ...
Online Articles
Google Scholarly Articles Pros and Cons
British Journal of Criminology The Pros and Cons of Life Without Parole
American Psychological Association Less Guilty by Reason of Adolescence: Developmental Immaturity, Diminished Responsibility, and the Juvenile Death Penalty.
Death penalty for children: The American experience with capital punishment for crimes committed while under age eighteen
Google Scholarly Articles Legislation
The Misperception of Public Opinion Toward Capital Punishment Examining the Spuriousness Explanation of Death Penalty Support
Google Scholarly Articles Cases
ACLU-A Question of Innocence
Death Penalty Paper
God and the Death Penalty
True Crimes
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