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Innocents Betrayed - The History of Gun Control
Gun Control Debate Spurs Political Action Across the Nation
Guns Battle: The Fight Over Gun Control Laws
National Journal
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Yale Law Journal

Gun Control
 Articles, Videos and Books
Guns ArticlesGun Control: The laws, regulations, sale, transfer, manufacture, possession, modification and use of guns and rifles. According to DoSomething In the United States the police have 897,000 guns while there are over 270 million firearms in the general population.  Pew Research states that gun supporters are more politically active than gun opponents.
Government Crime  Laws  Sociology  Reports Glossary
Government Crime Laws Sociology Reports Glossary
Gun Control
Gun Control
Online Books
Armed: New Perspectives on Gun Control
The Great American Gun Control Debate (Not!)
Big Bang: The Loud Debate Over Gun Control
Gun Control By Kekla Magoon
Living with Guns: A Liberal's Case for the Second Amendment
Guns in American Society: An Encyclopedia of History, Politics ..., Volume 1
Gun Control in the United States: A Reference Handbook
Gun Control: Preventing Violence Or Crushing Constitutional Rights?
Gun control in the United States: a reference handbook
Online Articles
Pro-Con United States Number of Gun Deaths 1999-2015
Scholarly Articles on Pros-Cons on Gun Control
Almanac on Issues
Gun Control vs. Gun Rights
Questionnaire for the Seventh United Nations Survey
Journal of Criminal Law and  Criminology
International Firearm Homicide Rates-Pro-Con
How Many People Have Been Killed by Guns Since Newtown?
Slate partners with @GunDeaths for an interactive, crowd sourced tally of the toll firearms have taken since Dec. 14.
American College of Physicians offers policy recommendations for reducing gun-related injuries and deaths in the U.S.  
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