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Voting Articles and Books

ArticlesThe democratic process in which the population elects government  officials and determine the social, economic and cultural path a nation will take. Voting is the one way the average citizen can express their feelings about the way politicians are running their country and economy. It should never be taken lightly nor should it be ignored or marginalized.
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Online Books 
Voting: A Study of Opinion Formation in a Presidential Campaign 
Controversies in Minority Voting: The Voting Rights Act in Twenty-five Year ... 
The Voting Rights Act of 1965: Historical Background and Current Issues 
Comparing Democracies 2: New Challenges in the Study of Elections and Voting
Why America Stopped Voting: The Decline of Participatory Democracy and the ...
Voting in America: a Reference Handbook
The Mathematics Of Voting And Elections: A Hands-on Approach
Voting and The Gender Gap
Demanding Choices: Opinion, Voting, and Direct Democracy
The Spatial Theory of Voting: An Introduction
Point, Click, and Vote: The Future of Internet Voting
Online Articles
Google Scholarly Articles on Voting and Elections
Weighted Voting it Doesn't Work: A Mathematical Analysis
Do Political Campaigns Matter?: Campaign Effects in Elections and Referendums
Voting and Elections: A Functional Analysis Voting and Election Laws
Elsevier Electoral Studies Voting Articles
The Economist Elections and Voting Articles
Elsevier Recent Electoral Studies Recent Articles
The Effect of All-mail Elections on Voter Turnout