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VotingThe democratic process in which the population elects government  officials and determine the social, economic and cultural path a nation will take. Voting is the one way the average citizen can express their feelings about the way politicians are running their country and economy. It should never be taken lightly nor should it be ignored or marginalized.
Government Civil Rights Articles Voting Glossary
Government Civil Rights Articles Books Videos Glossary Gov Glossary
Online Resources
Wikipedia InfoPlease Responsibility of Voting
Scholastic Ducksters American History
Odyssey Winning The Vote Important US Voting Dates
Voter Suppression
Wikipedia Think Progress ACLU-Voter Suppression in America
Harvard's Alexandar Keyssar Analyzes Voter Suppression Measures ...
Timeline: The Long History of Voter Suppression-Mother Jones
Esquire What Voter Suppression is Really About
Minority Voting
Umich InfoPlease Civil
Fact Checkers
Politifacts Political Fact-Sites Washington Post
1965 Voting Rights Act
Ballotpedia National Park Service Legacy of the Voting Rights Act
Wikipedia Stanford University United States Dept of Justice
Our Documents National Archives Congress of Racial Equality
Forms and Effects of Political Advertising
C-Span-History Wikipedia-Political Campaigning
Political Ads History Wikipeida-Negative Campaigning
Regulatory History C-Span-Negative Advertising
Affects of Advertising Forms/Variations of Negative Advertising
Negative Advertising Effects Empirical Findings of Negative Advertising.
Totaljobs WikiQuote Political (Database) The Telegraph
Wikipedia Current Leaders Global Open Secrets
Political Parties
Wikipedia Pew Research Directory of Political Parties FiveThirtyEight
EU Parties Scholastic Top Ten Weirdest Parties
Britannica Party Platforms List of Ruling Parties  
Forms of Elections
Diffin For Dummies Khan Academy MSNBC-Caucus United States Elections
IDEA Fact Check PBS Newshour Wikipedia-United States
Voter Fraud
The Truth About Voter Fraud How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy
Voter Fraud Facts and Statistics Detecting & Deterring Electoral Manipulation
Fraud, Electoral Reform,.... .... Bureaucrats Put Your Vote as Risk....
The Future of Internet Voting Understanding the Battle over Voter ID....
A Survival Manual for American Voters