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Grade Books
A record keeping device, either a paper book or electronic device, in which a teacher records his or her students grades for the semester.
Grade Books
Glossary of Terms
Legal decision on grades.
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Grade books with Excel Resources Templates
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Review: Online Grade books
Teacher Planet
Information on using computer generated grade books.
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Advice from other teachers,
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Open source, web based student info. system
Basic definition of a grade book.
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Information on using computer generated grade books.
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Variety of sites on communication.
10 Advantages Online Grade books
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Grade book, Communication, & Progress Tracking
How to Create a Grade-book Using Excel
Step by step instructions using Excel to create a grade book.
How to Organize a Teacher Grade book
Step by step instructions on how to organize your grade book
Creating Grade books Using MS Excel
How to on using MS Excel as a Grade book.
Organizing Grade book & Lesson Planner
How organize your records for record keeping.
1. Accuracy is of prime importance in record keeping.
2. Never share a student's grades with anyone other than the student and parents.
3. Review their grades frequently.
4. If a student questions a grade, require him or her to give evidence that an error was made. (I required my students keep a copy of all graded papers, tests and reports)
5. From the first day of class explain how the grades are calculated and kept.
6. Utilize the school website, email, blog, twitter, fax, telephone and the US mail to update the parents on a student's progress. Never give the parent the option of claiming they did not know that the student was failing. If possible keep a hard copy of the grades incase of computer crashes.
7. Be prepared to defend the grades to the parents, guidance, administration and in some cases a court.
8. A grade book is a legal document and must be reviewed, updated, maintained and stored for future references.