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World Hunger
Articles, Videos and Books

HungerThe inability of a society to provide adequate supplies of food to it's population. According to Do Something, in the United States 1 in 6 people face hunger every day. Rise Against Hunger states that 795.5 million people in the world don't get enough food, 66 million primary students go to school hungry every day, the continent with the highest level of malnutrition is Asia. 
Hunger Poverty Homelessness  Unemployment Overpopulation 
Hunger Poverty Homelessness Unemployment  Overpopulation 
Online Books
World hunger: 12 myths
World Hunger By Steven Maddocks
World Hunger By Gerald J. A. Nwankwo
Working Together Against World Hunger By Bo Flood
Online Ariticles
Google Scholarly Articles
World hunger: twelve myths  [1986] Lappe, F.M. Collins, J.
Science Magazine Cutting World Hunger in Half
World Hunger and Morality
World Hunger 12 Myths By Frances Moore Lappé, Joseph Collins, Peter Rosset, Institute for Food and Development Policy

First World Hunger: Food Security and Welfare Politics

edited by Graham Riches
The State of World Hunger Peter Uvin PHD
FAO World hunger again on the rise, driven by conflict and climate change, new UN report says
Scientific America World Hunger is Increasing Thanks to War and Climate Change
Global Issues World Hunger and Poverty
Global Policy Forum World Food and Poverty
National Geographic The New Face of Hunger
Business Insider World hunger is on the rise despite ample food supplies — and the implications are dire
PubMed Journal Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition Center for Hunger Free Communities
Journal of Academy Nutrition and Dietetics