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Internet: A system which employs a network of intercommoned world wide computers, it provide a vast amount of commercial, governmental, educational, personal, legal, economic and security information. It has an actual and potential effect and determines our future will be determined, enhanced while at the same time has the potential of causing damage to our developing society. 

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Online Books 
Coordinating the Internet  The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It! 
The Internet a User's Guide  Transforming the Power of Technology
The Internet: Inside and Out  Internet:  A Historical Encyclopedia
Online Resources
Wikipedia Scholarly Articles Tech Dictionary Wikipedia Computer Companies
Internet Guide Internet Archive Kids Internet Guide Buzzle Internet Articles
Internet news LivingInternet Babylon Dictionaries How the Internet Runs
Use of Social Media Politically 
AdWeek Foreign Affairs Social Media in Politics Ency. Of Social Media and Politics
Real-Time Diplomacy: Politics and Power in the Social Media Era
Internet History
Wikipedia  Internet Society  History Milestones Computer History Museum New Media Institute USC Santa Barbara Internet History Hall of Fame 
Viruses and Malware
MIT  Symantec PC Magazine  Malware Bytes  Wikipedia-Maleware  What’s the Difference? 
Password Creation 
Wikipedia  ARSTechnica-Review  Wired-Review Secure Password Generator 
SafePassWD  KeePass-Generator  Password Generator  Norton Password Generator Generator  Last Pass-Password Generator