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Completing a Job Application
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Job Skills Tool Box Applications
GuidanceApplication: a formal document created by a business in which a prospective employee provides specific information.
Business Career Center Career Guides Cover Letter Thank you note Vocational
Business Career Center Career Guide Cover Letter Thank You Note Vocational
Online Resources
eHow She Knows Living Scholarly Articles and Ebooks
WorkSmart Legal Documents
WikiHow Balance-Forms The Balance-Applications
The Balance-Guide The Balance-Job Search
A Job-Seeker's Guide To Successfully Completing Job Applications
By Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.
Filling Out A Job Application by Employment spot
How To Fill Out a Job Application by David Baybould
Advice and Tips
1. Before you arrive locate all references (make sure you have their permission), former employer names, addresses, phone numbers and emails. Double check to make sure they are correct.
2. Take with you all important identification such as Social Security, Passports and Driver's Licenses, some government agencies are now requiring birth certificates.
3. Keep in mind that the application process could consume several hours to complete. Plan your time accordingly.
4. Give a positive impression by correcting spelling and grammatical errors.
5. When you have completed the application, double check it for incorrect,  missing or incomplete information. Hand it to the correct individual with a smile and a handshake. Make sure you ask if there is anything else they need and how long will you have to wait for an interview?