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GuidanceCover Letter: a document with an application or resume, that introduces him or her to a prospective employer.
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Business Career Center Vocational Career Guide Resources English
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Advice and Tips
1. Keep it simple no more than one page. Most human resource personal don't have the time or energy to review long drawn out letters.
2. You are not writing an award winning novel. Avoid hyperbole and exaggerations, experienced interviewers can see through such tactics.
3. In the body of the letter explain why you are interested in and qualified for a job. Include in a paragraph, key words and phrases that relate to your qualifications. This will give a direction to the human resource personal to match you with an opening.
4. Give a positive impression by correcting typos and grammatical errors.
5. Taylor your letter to the work you desire, as it relates to the companies you wish to work with. You don't want to work in a company in which you ill suited.

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