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How To Keep A Job: Self Management Skills
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Job Skills Tool Box Keeping Your Job
GuidanceKeeping a job at times can be just as complex and tiresome as finding a job.
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Business Career Center Vocational Career Guide Resources
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Tips from The Classroom
1. Come on time, it is one of the main causes of termination.
2. Check your Facebook, Twitter, Text and email on your break.
3. Spreading rumors and gossip only causes hardship and resentment.
4. Treat your company's customers and clients with respect and understanding.
5. Respect the property and resources of the company or agency in which you work.
6. Don't get involved with clicks and turf wars on the workplace. They only antagonize your fellow workers and cause friction with management.
7. Understand what your employer expects from you and how you can fill those expectations. If you are confused as to your job function ask your supervisor and make sure both of you come to some kind of mutual agreement.
8. Don't be shy by leaving early, avoiding company social functions and meetings. Getting noticed by decision makers shows him or her that you care about the company.
9. If asked be willing to work overtime. Make sure you are being paid fairly for the time you spend.
10. Show initiative, be willing to come up with new and relative solutions to work problems. Keep in mind to discuss these initiatives before you implement them.