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Modern Asia War
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Why Did America Fight the Korean War?
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Korean War

World HistoryUnder the terms of the agreements with Russia and the United States, Korea was divided into two nations, a Communist nation in the north and a Democratic nation in the south. Tensions continued for years and eventually North Korea invaded. The United Nations reacted and sent troupes to support the south. China and Russia supported North Korea (China actually committed troupes). An armistice was agreed to  in 1953 but no treaty has ever been signed.
6.8 million American served,  200 American deaths (33,700 were actual battle deaths), 7,140 POW’s  Source: Veteransinfo
US History Time Line War Ancient Asia World History
US History Time Line War Asian History World History
Online Books
The Korean War: A History by Bruce Cumings
The Korean War: An International History by William Stueck
Korean War Almanac by Paul M. Edwards
The Korean War: America's Forgotten War
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Glossary Spartacus Infantry Weapons Modern History Sourcebook
West Point ThinkQuest Maps US Army Examining The Korean War
InfoPlease Facts & Texts History Channel Truman Museum Library
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