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Vietnam War
Glossary of TermsAfter World War II Vietnam was divided into two nations, a Communist North and a somewhat democratic nation in the south. The French tried to reassert its military, economic, political and cultural influence and after years of war they were eventfully driven out. The United States picked the mantle of support for the south and over time sent more and more troupes.. Eventually the United States also was forced out and North and South Vietnam were merged into one nation.

"Total Service members (Worldwide)....8,744,000,
Deployed to Southeast Asia ........3,403,000
Battle Deaths...47,424, Other Deaths (In Theater) .....................10,785
Other Deaths in Service (Non-Theater)...32,000, Non-mortal Wounding
........................153,303, Living Veterans...............7,125,000"
Source: Veterans Administrations

World History US History Time Line War Ancient Asia
World History American History Time Line War Asia
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The Vietnam War: An Encyclopedia of Quotations by Howard Langer
The Vietnam War by Douglas Willoughby
The Vietnam War: A concise International History by Mark A. Lawrence
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