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World War II
World HistoryThe end of World War I created the atmosphere and hatred which lead the Germans, Italians and Japanese to resent the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. They therefore sought leaders such as Hitler, Tito and Mussolini to regain their pride, economic, political and military status.  The English and French sought retribution and the Americans tried to withdraw from the economic, political and military series and crisis sweeping through out the globe.


  1.9 billion*


  72 million*


 21 million**


  4 million**

*Source:  **Wikipedia

World History
World History
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Europe Asia Time Line War Glossary
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Battles of WW II by Mike Taylor
Weapons of World II by Mike Taylor 
Bombers of World War II by  Nancy Robinson Masters
Air Forces of Worl War II by Mike Taylor
World War II By Aaron Rosenberg 
Turning Points of World War II by John Hamilton World War II: A primary Source History by Colin Hynson 
Holocaust: The Nazi Persecution and Murder of the Jews by Peter Longerich Holocaust: Origins, Implementation, Aftermath by Omer Bartov
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