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Articles Books Videos
Modern History
Modern History
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World History

Modern History Wars
War in the 20th and 21st century has grown and changed in many dangerous avenues. Whether it is Atomic, Chemical, Conventional, Cyber, Biological, Psychological and Terrorism, the outcomes could lead to mass destruction and misery.
Art of War
The Art of War
Online Resources
Wikipedia 20th Century Atlas Imperial War Museum
History Guy GW University US War College
Wars Genocides 20th Century
List of Modern Conflicts in the Middle East Wikipedia
BBC - History: The Making of Modern Britain
Eight Deadliest Wars of the 21st Century Britannica
Modern History Sourcebook - Internet History Sourcebooks
The 20th century | World history | Arts and humanities | Khan Academy
Terms & Slang
War Documents Primary Sources
Historical Text Archives War Letters
Fordham University The Crile Archives
York University Wartime Press
War Report Online Maps
Wilson Center Maps as History
Skyline Maps as Conflict
Theatres of War
Franco Prussian War World War I Spanish Civil War World War II Cold War Asian Wars
Franco-Prussian World War I Spain Civil War  World War II Cold War Asia
Forms of Warfare
Biological Chemical War Nuclear War Cyber Warfare Guerrilla Conventional War Psychological Terrorism
Biological Chemical Nuclear Cyber Guerrilla Conventional Psychology Terrorism
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