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Obesity Articles, Videos and Books

Obesity ArticlesWhen the body of an individual's BMI weight in kilograms exceeds 30 kg/m. This condition can cause a variety of medical conditions such a diabetes, strokes and heart disease. "The World Health Organization predicts that worldwide in 2015, approximately 2.3 billion adults will be overweight, and in excess of 700 million people will be obese. Obesity can have serious health effects and increase the risk of life-threatening diseases." Read more at: Health Care
Obesity Eating Disorders Health Education Sidentary Life Styles Fitness
Obesity Eating Disorders Health Education Sedentary Styles Fitness
Online Books
Obesity By Kathleen Y. Wolin, Jennifer M. Petrelli
Obesity edited by Barry Gumbiner
Obesity: Mechanisms and Clinical Management
Obesity: A Reference Handbook
Obesity By Wendy B. Murphy
The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss
Obesity: Cultural and Biocultural Perspectives
Obesity: Preventing and Managing the Global Epidemic
Obesity: Pathophysiology, Psychology, and Treatment
Social Justice and the Urban Obesity Crisis: Implications for Social Work
Online Articles
Google Scholarly Research Articles
Physical activity in the treatment of the adulthood overweight and obesity: current evidence and research issues.
The obesity epidemic in children and adults: current evidence and research issues.
Overview of the determinants of overweight and obesity: current evidence and research issues.
Contribution of a sedentary lifestyle and inactivity to the etiology of overweight and obesity: current evidence and research issues.
American Heart Association Call to Action: Obesity as a Major Risk Factor for Coronary Heart Disease
The New England Journal of Medicine Browse Obesity
NIH-Obesity and Overweight: Scientific Articles
Business Insider: U.S. doctors recommend behavior changes to prevent obesity-related health issues
National Health Statistic Report Changes in Body Mass Today