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Ghandi For Peace
Workshop for Peace
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Women War and Peace
Seeds of Peace
Jody Williams: A realistic vision for world peace
Can There Ever Be World Peace
John Hunter: Teaching with the World Peace Game
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Peace Articles and Books
ArticlesPeace: A state in which a society is not involved in military actions either against their neighbors or within its borders. According to the Peace Alliance 1.6 million deaths occur each year by violence and for every dollar spent on peace the nations of the earth spend $1,885 on their military.
War Sociology Psychology Religion Reports
War Sociology Psychology Religion Reports 
Online Books
Peace By Walter Brueggemann
Peace: A History of Movements and Ideas
Peace: A World History
How to Achieve World Peace: The Second Greatest Book Ever Written
Online Articles
Google Scholarly Articles on Peace
Exploring Peace: Looking Beyond War and Negative Peace
Peace in the World Begins with You
Nobel Prize Articles on Peace
Wisdom of the Kabbalah Peace in The World
Peace of Mind and Inner Peace - Articles and Guidance
Newla Articles on War and Peace
NIH Science, a weapon of peace
SAGE Journals of Peace Research
First Thing Loss of Peace by RR Reno
Selected Articles on World Peace, Including International Arbitration and Disarmament
World Heritage at the Heart of UNESCO’s Peace Mandate
NATO Women Peace and Security
United Nations Research Guides
International Journal of Peace Studies
Children and Media Tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics