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Pollutions Advice
Pollution: is a problem in which the air, land and water are contaminated with human waste and byproducts. It is a world wide problem which we as a species must learn to control and eliminate if we are to survive as a species. It affects us all no matter where we live.
1. Turn off appliances and lights when you leave the room.
2. Use the microwave to cook small meals.(it uses less power than an oven).
3. Purchase "green power" for your home's electricity. (Contact your power supplier to see where and if it is available).
4. Have leaky air conditioning and refrigeration systems repaired.
5. Cut back on air conditioning and heating use if you can.
6. Insulate your home, water heater and pipes.
7. Turn off lights when leaving the room.
8. Buy power saving light bulbs.
9. Support organizations and movements to prevent pollution.
10. Vote for individuals that don't just promise to prevent pollution but have a record of pushing pollution prevention
Source: EPA
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