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Soil Pollutin
Pollution and Health
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Pollution : Best Documentary 2017
The World In 2050 [The Real Future Of Earth] – Full BBC Documentary 2018
Pollution in General Defined
ABCs of Pollution and Your Control | David Klanecky | TEDxLSU
2050 - A Documentary
Documentary on pollution
Learn About Pollution
Can you make you Day Less Polluted-BBC
The Devastating Effects of Pollution in China (Part 1/2)
The Devastating Effects of Pollution in China (Part 2/2)
Pollution Documentary 2017
See How Children Live in the World's Most Polluted City | National Geographic
Air Pollution
Air Pollution 101 | National Geographic
A GASP for Clean Air
Air Pollution for Kids
Spread of Asian Pollution
Science Daily
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YouTube Documentaries
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National Geographic: Light Pollution 101
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Impact of Noise Pollution on Health
Effects of Noise Pollution
Mystic Aquarium
TED-Six Very Promising Ways....
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4 Facts About Radioactive Pollution
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The Atlantic
YouTube Documentaries
National Geographic
How We Can Keep Plastics Out of Our Ocean | National Geographic
Here's How Much Plastic Trash Is Littering the Earth | National Geographic
Transforming Lives through the Power of Clean Water – a P&G and National Geographic Documentary
Water pollution || What are the causes of water pollution || Video for kids

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Pollution ArticlesPollution: is a world wide problem in which the air, land and water are contaminated with human waste and byproducts. Pollution cause damage to humans and property and left unchecked will cause severe damage to our planet and way of life. Below are articles that show what is causing pollution, what are its effects and how we can control and eliminate the problem.
1. "Breathing the air in Mexico city is thought to be as harmful as smoking 40 cigarettes a day" See More at  House and Home

2. "Approximately 1/3 of male fish in British rivers are in the process of changing sex due to pollution." See More at Random Facts
3. "
Pollution Kills 3 Times More than AIDS, TB And Malaria Combined" Read More at Goats and Soda NPR Radio
Pollution Reports
General Online Books Environmental Pollution
INTECH Open Access Health and Toxicology
Pollution Crisis Environmental Pollution Studies
Managing Environmental Pollution
Pollution: Causes, Effects and Control
Environmental Pollution & Control
Environmental Pollution Monitoring & Control
Water Pollution: Causes, Effects & Control
General Online Articles
Google Scholarly Articles Scientist List of Pollution Articles
The Guardian Pollution Discover Magazine Articles on Pollution
US News Pollution Baltimore Sun Environmental Pollution
Science Daily Pollution Articles Newsla Pollution and its Harmful Effects
Time Electronic Waste Is Becoming a Global Environmental Problem
Mongolia: A toxic warning to the world - BBC News
New chemical conversion process turns plastic waste into fuel
Agglomeration of nano- and microplastic particles in seawater by autochthonous and de novo-produced sources of exopolymeric substances - Science Direct
Live Science News and Scientific Articles  on Pollution
Natural News Pollution news, articles and information
Science Direct List of Open Access Articles
Science News List of Diseases Linked to Air Pollution is Still Growing
National Institute of Health Air Pollution Impact and Effect
Earth's Observatory Tracking Nature's Contribution to Pollution
Penn State University Library  Environment Pollution Control/Environmental Engineering
Popular Science: We've wasted so much plastic, it's almost impossible to picture—these charts will help
National Geographic: Microplastics have permeated even the deepest parts of our oceans
Air Pollution
Air Pollution
Online Books
Clearing the Air: The Beginning and the End of Air Pollution
Fundamentals of Air Pollution
Air Pollution and Health
Air Pollution Science for the 21st Century
Air Pollution: Health and Environmental Impacts
Air Pollution: Measurement, Modelling and Mitigation, Third Edition
Online Articles
Google Scholarly Articles on Air Pollution
Air Pollution and Health
Human Health Effects of Air Pollution
Air Pollution: its Origin and Control
Global Air Quality and Pollution
Farm Pollution
Agricultural Pollution
Online Books
Environmental Policies for Agricultural Pollution Control
Agricultural Pollution: Environmental Problems and Practical Solutions
Overcoming Agricultural Pollution of Water: The Challenge
Greener Pastures: Decentralizing the Regulation of Agricultural ...
Pollution Control for Agriculture: Problems, Processes, and Applications
Online Articles
Google Scholarly Articles on Air Pollution
Optimal Spatial Management of Agricultural Pollution
Agricultural Waste and Pollution - ScienceDirect
Agricultural Pollution Is Threatening America's National Parks | Smart ...
A Major Source of Air Pollution: Farms - The Earth Institute 
Industrial Pollution
Industrial Pollution
Online Books
Industrial Pollution Control: Issues and Techniques
Industrial Pollution Prevention
Deceit and Denial: The Deadly Politics of Industrial Pollution
Industrial Pollution Prevention Handbook
Deceit and Denial: The Deadly Politics of Industrial Pollution
Industrial Pollution Prevention
Online Articles
Controlling Industrial Pollution: The Economics and Clean Air
Industrial Pollution Prevention
Industrial Pollution Abatement: the Impact on Balance of Trade
Industrial Pollution Prevention! A Critical Review
Suppression of Rain and Snow by Urban and Industrial Air Pollution
Light Pollution
Light Pollution
Online Books
Light Pollution: Responses and Remedies
Urban Lighting, Light Pollution and Society
Fighting Light Pollution: Smart Lighting Solutions for Individuals ...
The End of Night: Searching for Natural Darkness in an Age of Artificial Lights
Online Articles
Google Scholarly Articles on Light Pollution
Ecological Light Pollution
Light Pollution as a Biodiversity Threat
The Dark Side of Light: a Transdisciplinary Research Agenda for Light Pollution Policy
Limiting the Impact of Light Pollution on Human Health, Environment and Stellar Visibility
National Geographic: Light Pollution 101
Light Pollution
Noise Pollution
Online Books
Environmental Noise Pollution: Noise Mapping, Public Health, and Policy
Noise Pollution By Agarwal
Noise Pollution and Control Strategy
Advanced Air and Noise Pollution Control
Online Articles
Google Scholarly Articles on Noise Pollution
Noise Pollution: Non-auditory Effects on Health
Noise Pollution-Sources, Effects and Control
Environmental Noise Pollution in the United States: Developing an Effective Public Health Response
Noise Pollution: An Introduction to the Problem and an Outline for Future Legal Research
Olil Spills
Online Books
Environmental Disasters
First Facts Oil Spills
The Environment Oil Spills
The Basics of Oil Spill Cleanup
Oil Spill Science & Technology
Before and After an Oil Spill The Author Kill
Online Articles
Google Scholarly Articles on Oil Pollution
Remote Sensing of Ocean Oil Spill Pollution
Oil Spill Detection by Satellite Remote Sensing
Biosurfactants Production and Possible uses in Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery and Oil Pollution Remediation: A Review
Heavy Oil Sorption using Exfoliated Graphite: New Application of Exfoliated Graphite to Protect Heavy Oil Pollution
Thermal Pollution
Thermal Pollution
Online Books
Biologically allowable thermal pollution limits
Controlling Thermal Pollution in Small Streams
Ecological Effects of Thermal Discharges
Thermal Pollution of Water
Online Articles
Google Scholarly Articles on Thermal Pollution
Thermal pollution and aquatic life
Thermal pollution causes global warming
Biological aspects of thermal pollution I. Entrainment and discharge canal effects
Thermal pollution of streams by runoff from paved surfaces
Soil Pollutin
Soil Pollution
Online Books
Bioindicator Systems
Processes and Dynamics
Soil Contamination Trends
Soil Pollution By Di. Mani
Agriculture and Soil Pollution
Soil pollution: processes and dynamics
Online Articles
Google Scholarly Articles on Soil Pollution
The use of microbial parameters in monitoring soil pollution by heavy metals
Limitations of soil enzymes as indicators of soil pollution
Effect of soil pollution with metallic lead pellets on lead bioaccumulation and organ/body weight alterations in small mammals
Soil respiration, ATP content, and Photobacterium toxicity test as indicators of metal pollution in soil
Radio Active
Radioactive Pollution
Online Books
Health Impacts of Large Releases of Radionuclides
Environmental Protection Against Radioactive Pollution: Proceedings ...
Environmental Protection Against Radioactive Pollution
Airborne Radioactive Contamination in Inhabited Areas
Climate Viewer
Online Articles
Google Scholarly Articles on Radioactive Pollution and Its Effect on the Environment
Regulating activities with catastrophic environmental effects
Control of Radioactive Pollution in the Environment of the CERN Accelerators
International environmental law and policy: an overview of transboundary pollution
Environmental radiation and radioactive releases
Visual Pollution
Visual Pollution
Online Books
Environmental Pollution: New Research
Visual Pollution: Advertising, Signage and Environmental Quality
Urban Lighting, Light Pollution and Society
Visual pollution: advertising, signage and environmental quality
Light Pollution Handbook
Online Articles
Google Scholarly Articles on Visual Pollution and Its Effect on the Environment
Visual Pollution - Articles - Scientific Research Publishing
Visual Pollution - Science Direct
Visual Pollution Research Papers -
Visual Culture - Environmental Health - Air Pollution
Water Pollution
Water Pollution
Online Books
Environmental Issues
Water Pollution Biology
Water Pollution by A.Kumar
Water Pollution by S. Agarwal
Water Pollution by  K. Sharma
Causes Effects and Control
Online Articles
Google Scholarly Articles on Water Pollution
Marine pollution
Biology and water pollution control.
Detection and measurement of stream pollution
Water pollution: causes, effects and control
Heavy metal pollution and human biotoxic effects
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