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Pollution: is a world wide problem in which the air, land and water are contaminated with human waste and byproducts.
Pollution whether it be air, water or soil is man-made. It is the result of humans trying to save money, increase productivity or in some case they don't have an understanding of the effects their actions have on our habitat. Left unchecked it will eventually cause disease, starvation, soil and water depletion and death.
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Little Known Facts:
1. " Bike or walk instead of driving (Every 25 miles you don't drive prevents a pound of pollution)" See more at: Zerowaste
2. "Consider purchasing a hybrid or electric car for your next vehicle" See more at: WikiHow
3. "Reducing consumption, reusing items, and recycling products and materials help to protect the environment." See more at: EPA
4. "Regardless of the make or model, your carís estimated gas mileage depends on how you fuel, drive and maintain your car." See more at: EPA
Online Books
Earth in Danger Introduction to Pollution Science
Air Pollution Pollution: Causes, Effects & Control
What if We Do Nothing Managing Environmental Pollution
Pollution By Clive Gifford Understanding Environmental Pollution
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ThouhgtCo Citizens of Planet Earth Scorecard Home Legal Encyclopedia
EPA Timeline    
National Pollution Prevention Roundtable UN Environmental Programme
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