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Physical Education
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Soccer (Futball) Tips
Behind Success and Enjoyment is Confidence
Surefire Soccer

SportsThe importance of confidence within players cannot be underestimated. If players want to develop and progress their game, they need to be confident and have a coach who helps to build that confidence. As players get older, they find learning new skills is not as fun as they would like, and as the coach it is your job to make the process of learning exciting for your players which needs to start with building their confidence. Confidence amongst players leads to success and they find learning new skills as a challenge rather than a worry, and building player’s confidence is a vital part of soccer coaching.  

Confident players are those that view mistakes and problems as a part of their own learning cycle and take responsibility for their actions, compared to those players who lack confidence and blame others for mistakes. Players must make the choice to be confident in what they are doing and subsequently learn from their mistakes. This outlook allows players to not dwell on errors and not have their confidence damaged because of any errors they may have committed.  

To be a successful coach you must be able to spot when players are lacking in confidence and those who exude confidence. It is simple enough to spot when players are physically confident, but you also need to pick up on player’s mental confidence as well.  

There are a number of characteristics to look for in your players to determine their confidence levels. For example, confident players consistently show positive body language, being positive in all aspects of the game and enjoying competition. As already discussed, players with confidence have no worries about failure and don’t blame others for mistakes. Added to this they will be constantly encouraging themselves and their teammates, remaining calm under pressure as well as being focused during training and games. 

It is personal traits such as these that demonstrate confidence within a player. If you have a team full of confident players, you will experience success with the team as they will be driven to succeed and will have no fear in the competitive sport of soccer. 

All young players of several of ages will experience fluctuating levels of confidence and as the coach you must monitor your players closely to notice any dips in confidence. As we’ve already outlined, building confidence amongst your players is an important aspect of soccer coaching, and if you see a player suffering from a loss of confidence, have a chat with that player and help him rediscover that confidence. Maintaining a good level of confidence within your team will make it all the more enjoyable for you and your players.