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Soccer (Futball) Tips
Tips For Influential Youth Soccer Coaching
From Surefire Soccer

SportsOrganization and planning is essential to creating and delivering a successful coaching session. The coach must know what they are doing for each and every minute of a training session, otherwise you risk losing your players focus and the whole session could be wasted.  If you construct your practices well and ensure you are completely organized for the session, you can effectively coach your kids and develop their soccer skills.  

There are a number of tips and techniques to employ to make sure you are running meaningful training sessions. Firstly, you should never overwork your players or overcomplicate the session by attempting to fit too much in. By including too many skills to teach your players in one session will only lead to confusing them as young players need to focus on one skill at a time and master it before moving on to another. 

Secondly, only teach one skill at a time. Young players need help and time to learn how to execute skills properly. Putting them under pressure and getting them to do too much at once will be a detriment to their learning and their soccer skills will fail to improve.  

Before the kids do the skill, try and demonstrate it for them so they have an idea of what to do. Youth soccer skills are often easy and quick to demonstrate and will not take away to much time from the kids trying it for themselves. Also, once you have taught the skill, do not instantly move on from it to another. As much as you have attempted to improve focus, young players can easily drift away from the task at hand, but if you get them to try it out a few times before mastering it then they will remain focused and it will start to become second nature to them. 

After they have started to understand a skill, try and increase the pressure on their execution of that skill. For example, if they are practicing decoy runs, introduce a defender to the drill to simulate a more realistic game situation and improve their confidence around that skill.  

Reviewing each skill after your players have practiced it is essential as it will solidify the skill within their minds and make them confident within each aspect of the skill. Reviewing is most effective when done straight after the kids have been running through the skill so it is still in their mind and they are still concentrating on it. 

Although you need to be organized, make sure the sessions are enjoyable for all involved. Keeping it entertaining and at a high tempo will prevent the kids from becoming bored easily and losing interest in what you are trying to get across to them. Do not do one drill for the session as they will get bored, keep changing things up and keep them interested.  

Take into consideration that you are coaching young kids, and they will not understand a lot of terms or techniques to do with soccer. They need to be taught the nuts and bolts of the sport so do not confuse them with to much they do not understand.