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Social Studies Class Resources

SubjectsA part of curriculum which studies the interaction of people, the environment, the economy and the past.
Australia New Zealand  Quizzes Trivia Database Educational Resources
World History  Online Quizzes Databases Class Resources
American History  Social Studies LIbrary  Historical Method
American History Studies and Articles Library  Historical Method
 Maps and Globes  Documents Museum  Time Lines
 Maps/Globes  Documents Museum  Time Lines
Social Studies Research Department  Reference Center  Textbooks 
Careers Research   Reference  Textbooks 
Online Books
Social Studies for Secondary Schools: Teaching to Learn, Learning to Teach By Alan J. Singer
The social studies curriculum: purposes, problems, and possibilities
Democratic Education for Social Studies: An Issues-Centered Decision Making By Anna S. Schoa-Becker
Games Podcasts Databases Statistics
Classroom Aid Mr Zoller YouTube Computers in SS Social Science Statistics K12Podcasts Wikipedia MCQuade Library
Google Podomatic Smore Stanford University
Corner Stone Teaching w/Technology Pebble go Hahti Digital Library
EduScapes edutopia Nova University DeGruyter
Online Resources   Research Tools
Wikipedia The Perseus Project Basic Research Skills Law Library of Congress Journals
Sites for Teachers Social Science Research Network Database Online Videos
Education World Social Studies Web Sites for Teachers Dictionary
History Pin Educational Resources in Social Studies Museums
Today in History Federal Resources for Educational Reference Historical Research
Open Directory IPL Kidspace-Our World Historical Documents
Classroom Aid United Nations CyberSchoolBus Timelines
History  Teacher Best History Websites Research
National Geographic Social Studies Resources Research Styles
History Simulation (Partner)
Create an interactive classroom that teaches 21 Century skills: Problem Solving, Collaboration, Order Thinking, Decision Making....