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First Day For Students
SubjectsThe first day of school is the day in which you will meet your new and old teachers. You will make contact with old friends and find new ones.
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What a day! You are going back to school. A whole year of classes, homework, research, sports events, socializing and yes anxiety.
Here are some tips for that first day.
1. Get a good night's rest. Being drowsy and nervous is not a good combination.
2. Keep an open mind about your teachers, sometimes rumors and gossip are exaggerations, misinformation or just plain lies.
3. Have a good positive breakfast.
4. Dress appropriately and comfortably. It would not be cool to be sent home on the first day for dress code violation.
5. Organize your backpack and locker, you have enough on your mind to have to worry about where things are.
6. If there is a school orientation, attend it. Find out the facts before you attend the first day.
7. Don't try to make social hookups at this time, concentrate on getting to know the teachers and the classes.
8. At the end of the day, evaluate your classes, schedule and how you feel about the day. Try to look positive about your coming year.