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How to Use the Library Students

LibraryInformation on how to use a library efficiently. When a student uses the tips and resources below, they will find their work more efficient, informative and enjoyable.
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Libraries are a great source of information, advice and experiences use it wisely.
1. Get a Library card and use it.
2. Review the Library Page in The Classroom to understand its roll and function.
3. Respect the intellectual atmosphere of a library. Talk quietly and understand that it is not a play area.
4. Get to know the librarians, they are a great source of information and expertise in understanding where to find information.
5. Respect the check out materials. If it is lost, damaged or destroyed, understand you are responsible for fees and replacement costs.
6. Learn how to use the card catalog both electronic and manual.
7. Be aware of security problems on their use of the internet, even thou they are using the library it can still be a problem.
8. If you see another student uses the library improperly, stealing, damaging, destroying materials, contact the librarian and your teacher.
9. Write your own reports, essays and themes  plagiarizing  is a serious misstep in your learning process. Furthermore don't use the writing services that are being offered. Do your own work!
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