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Proper Cell Phone/Texting Use

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Students and Texting
1. Avoid using your text or cell phones in the classroom. It disrupts the flow of the work and may be against school policy and laws.
2. If you are asked to turn over your cell phone by a teacher or administrator, do as they ask and claim it later (check the policy).
3. If your parents insist that you carry the phone, keep it tucked away in your book bag, jacket or purse. Don't take it out in public.
4. Don't use it for cheating on a test or classroom work.
5. Don't use the camera improperly, unethically or immorally.
6. Don't drive while texting or phoning. Many an accident has caused serious injury or death.
7. When you are out with your family, friends or special some-ones, turn off the cell and enjoy the time you are with them.
8. Don't say things or email pictures that you will one day regret. Words and images can have a life of their own.
9. If you are walking while phoning or texting be aware of your surroundings.
10. Don't use loud or verbose languages others can hear you and will become annoyed.
11. Avoid talking about personal issues in public you never know who is listening.
12. Don't bully or harass others using the text or phone and don't allow others to bully or harass you!