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Titmouse Care


Nancy EvansI had an amazing experience in my garden this afternoon.   Just had to share it with you.  We have 4 sets of birds nesting around our garden right now (bluebirds, titmouse, chickadee, and house finches).  As I was planting peppers this afternoon (within a few feet of this bird box) one of the titmouse babies thought he was ready for his flying lesson.  Out he fluttered. . . . . onto the ground right in front of me.  I stood perfectly still so as not to frighten him or his frantic parents.  I could not believe what happened next.  Within seconds, a pair of fussing cardinals flew to a nearby fence, then a pair of robins settled near the birdbath.  Before I could say to myself, "what's going on here!", the bluebirds, as well as the chickadees, had assembled themselves nearby.  All 5 pairs of birds were trying to distract me away from that baby! Was I imagining this. . . a community of different parenting birds all coming to the rescue of a vulnerable baby chick?  By the time I turned my attention back to the baby Titmouse, he had managed to fly to the nearest tree limb.  
I liken this garden experience to family and neighbors  . . . . when one of us is down, the entire community/family gathers to protect, encourage, and lift.  I give thanks for each of you.  

Nancy  Evans

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