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Why we have terrorism.
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Terrorism Articles, Videos and Books

Terrorism ArticlesTerrorism: Organizations, Nations and individuals that use violence or the threats of violence to intimidate to achieve their social, cultural, political, military and religious goals.  
War Art of War Peace PTSD
War The Art of War Peace PTSD War Glossary
 Terrorism  World History  Sociology Articles  Glossary 
Terrorism  World History  Sociology   Articles/Books Terrorism Glossary 
Online Books  
Philosopholical Analysis The New World Disorder
Terrorism in Context Terrorism Roots Impact & Response
Inside Terrorism Terrorism By Charles Townshend
Terrorism By B. Malisow An Investigator's Handbook
Terrorism By R. Bingley The fourth or religious wave
Google Scholarly Articles  
Terrorism Drones Regulation Legislation Government Organizations
Causes Effects Prevention    
Online Articles  
FBI Testimony BMC Psychiatry Investopedia How Terrorism Effect Economy
Time Time Line Brookings Total Economic Effects of Terrorism
ThoughtCo The Morning Call The Evolution of Terrorism Since 9/11 FBI
UN Special Reporter Philip Alston Responds to US Defense of Drone Attacks’ Legality  
"The Year of the Drone: An Analysis of U.S. Drone Strikes in Pakistan, 2004–2010"
"International Law: The First Casualty of America's Drone War"
International Responsibilities Task Force.