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Evaluating Web Sites Tutorial
Evaluating Websites
Some graphics reproduced using Print Shop Deluxe, Broderbund Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved used by permission. The Classroom does not claim all descriptions of sites to be their own words. The Classroom  makes no promises or representations about the gadgets on this site as to quality. content or  performance

Evaluating Websites
LibraryUse these sites and tools to help you evaluate websites you use either from The Classroom or other sources of information on the Internet. Remember just because it is on the Internet does not make it accurate or true.
Research Dept
Online Books
Evaluating the School Library Media Center: Analysis Techniques and Research ...
Evaluating Websites and Web Services: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on User ...
Web Verification Tools Guides and Check Lists
Site Solutions Cornell University University of California University Southern Maine
Brokenlinks Classzone Evaluation Wizard Kathy Schroak's Guide to Everything
Online Resources
Virtual Salt Consumer Reports Education Technology Evaluating Websites
Teacher Tap How do People Evaluate a Website's Credibility?  
American Speech Language & Hearing Association
Advice and Tips

1.Who are the authors? Is it a university, government agency, noted expert, student, teacher or just someone who wants to create a site.
2. Is the information and materials current?
3. Is the information bias, vague or irrelevant?
4. Have others reviewed or commented on the site?
5. Does the author support his or her information with sources, and other resources?
We use Wikipedia and YouTube on many of our pages. Some teachers don't accept Wikipedia as and informational source. They are a starting point but not a reliable primary source of information. Use them to get an understanding of the topic and check the information they give you. BY ALL MEANS DON'T COPY AND PASTE ANYTHING WITHOUT THE PROPER NOTATIONS!