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Advice for Parents of Troubled Teens
Mayo Clinic Teen Suicide Prevention
Eight Parenting Mistakes We Should Try To Avoid
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At Risk Students Parental Advice
At risk students are children who are have social, physical and emotional issues that need to be addressed.
Guidance Parents Bully Psychology Security
Guidance Parents Bullying Psychology Security
 Online Books and Articles
Directory of programs for Students at Risk 
After-School Prevention Programs for At-Risk Students: Promoting Engagement and Academic Success 
Parents and Families of Students with Special Needs: Collaborating Across Age Spans 
Online Resources 
Wikipedia ERIC Digest Glossary of Educational Reform
Scholarly Articles Useable Knowledge At Risk Students and Dropouts
National Drop Out Prevention Center UCLA Center for Mental Health
WayBackMachine CDC-Health and Academics Statistics
American Psychological Association
Suicide Prevention Advice 
APA Help Guide  PBS Cry for Help
IPFW National Alliance on Mental Illness.....
Not My Kid  NASP Online  
American. Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry