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The Psychology of Film Editing
The Psychology of Framing
The Psychology of Camera Movement
Top 5 Tools for Cinematic Camera Moves
Steven Spielberg's Advice
George Lucas Advice
Ron Howard Advice

Film Productions
Film Production: Creating information and entertainment via film and digital materials.
Journalism Video Producation Media Television Production Glossary
Journalism Video Production Films-Television Broadcasting Glossary
Online Books

The Complete Film Production Handbook

By Eve Light Honthaner

Film Production Theory: Social Impacts of Sydney 2000

By Jean-Pierre Geuens

Film Production Management

By Bastian Cleve

Film Production Technique: Creating the Accomplished Image

By Bruce Mamer

Film Technology in Post Production

By Dominic Case

Voice & Vision: A Creative Approach to Narrative Film and DV Production

By Mick Hurbis-Cherrier

e-Study Guide for: Film Production Technique : Creating the Accomplished ...

By Cram101Textbook Reviews
Wikipedia Information on Films Open Directory Lists of Film Making sites
Wikipedia Information Media Open Directory Databases
Wikipedia Cinematic techniques Articles, discussion areas
Movie Database List of major movies Film Student Scholarships
Film Site Online Magazine New York Film Academy
Film Education All Movie Guide Search Enginee
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